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Colour Bomb Cold Silver 1001


Color Bomb Crazy Violet 681


Caffe Latte Color Bomb 807


Colour Bomb Dark Brown 471


Colour Bomb Fire Red 766


Colour Bomb Light Honey 933


Colour Bomb Hot Chocolate 673


Colour Bomb Pearl Blonde 1081


Colour Bomb Power Pink 906


Colour Bomb Rose Coral 934


Colour Bomb Rose Gold 963


Colour Bomb Shiny Copper 747


FAQ for Color Bombs

Color Bombs are a unique blend of color-depositing treatments and deep conditioning treatments that are designed to refresh, enhance, and nourish your hair. They're perfect for maintaining hair color between salon visits or experimenting with new shades at home.

Consider your current hair color and desired outcome. The first number in the Color Bomb formula indicates the base level (how light or dark your hair should be), and the numbers after the slash indicate the tone. Choose a base level that matches or is lighter than your current hair for the best results. If in doubt, consult our color chart or reach out for personalized advice.

Absolutely! Color Bombs are designed for creativity. Feel free to mix different shades to create a custom color that's uniquely yours. Just remember to keep the base level in mind to ensure the color shows up as expected.

You can use Color Bombs as often as you like to keep your color fresh and vibrant. For a color refresh, use every few weeks or as needed. If you're using Color Bombs for deep conditioning benefits, you can use them more frequently.

Color Bombs are intended for color deposit and enhancing existing shades rather than covering grays. They can add some pigment to gray hair but might not fully cover it. For complete gray coverage, we recommend consulting a professional hair colorist.

Yes, Color Bombs are formulated to be gentle on all hair types, including chemically treated and sensitive hair. Our key ingredients, like Aloe Vera, Panthenol, and Rice Protein, help nourish and protect your hair.

For a color refresh, apply Color Bomb to clean, damp hair, leave it for 2-10 minutes, and then rinse. For a semi-color or toner effect, apply it to dry hair, leave it for 20-40 minutes, and rinse with cold water. Avoid shampooing for 24 hours after application for best results.

Yes, Color Bombs are excellent for reviving and enhancing previously dyed hair. They can help refresh faded color and add shine and depth to your existing shade.

The longevity of Color Bomb shades varies depending on hair type, condition, and how frequently you wash your hair. Generally, the color refresh lasts for several washes. Using sulfate-free shampoo and cold water can help extend the life of your color.

Absolutely! Our Color Bombs collection is a testament to our commitment to ethical and responsible production practices. Not only are Color Bombs cruelty-free, ensuring that no animals were harmed during the development and testing of our products, but they are also vegan, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. This means you can enjoy vibrant, nourished hair with peace of mind, knowing that the products you're using are safe for you, kind to animals, and respectful of our environment. Choose Color Bombs for a guilt-free way to enhance your hair's beauty and health.

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