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Summer Time Pro Hair Tips

Summer Time Pro Hair Tips

Summer is here, and it’s time to make a splash with healthy and vibrant hair! But before your clients dive into the pool or bask under the sun, they need to know how to protect their precious locks. In this blog post, we’ll address two common summer hair concerns: the effects of chlorine and sun damage. Get ready to dive into modern and fun tips that will keep your clients’ hair in top shape. With IdHAIR’s range of products, we’ve got you covered from prevention to solution. 

Dive into Healthy Hair: Beating the Chlorine Blues

Are your clients feeling the aftermath of chlorine on their hair? Don’t let the pool ruin their style! We’re diving into the effects of chlorine on hair and sharing some modern and fun ways to prevent and solve this common summer woe. Get ready to make a splash with IdHAIR’s tips and products!

Chlorine is like a sneaky hair enemy, causing dryness, brittleness, and even giving hair a surprising greenish tint. But fear not! We’ve got the solutions to save the day:

Prevention Tips:

Tip #1: Make a splash before you dive! 

Encourage your clients to wet their hair thoroughly before taking the plunge. This pre-swim ritual helps to reduce chlorine absorption and keeps hair healthier.

Tip #2: Spritz and shield! 

Recommend using a superhero leave-in conditioner like IdHAIR’s Elements Xclusive 911 Spray or IdHAIR’s Elements Xclusive Moisture Leave-In Cream to create a protective barrier against chlorine’s evil clutches.

Solving the Chlorine Crisis:

The best way to remove chlorine is to use a demineralizing treatment to help remove all minerals in the hair. You can also solve this issue by using clarifying shampoos! These mighty shampoos, like IdHAIR’s clarifying formula Essentials Deep Clean Shampoo, help wash away chlorine residues, leaving hair fresh and clean.

Sun-Proof Your Hair: Say Goodbye to Sun Damage!

Get ready to shine this summer while protecting your clients’ hair from the harmful effects of the sun! In this modern and fun blog post, we’ll explore the effects of sun damage on hair and share some exciting tips to prevent and repair the damage. Join us on this sunny adventure with IdHAIR’s innovative products!

Prevention Tips:

Tip #1: Shield Against the Sun’s Rays

Encourage your clients to rock stylish hats or headscarves as their ultimate sun shields. It’s a fashion-forward way to protect their hair from UV damage.

You can also recommend a UV protectant, like Elements Xclusive 911 Spray! This superhero product not only offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays but also provides nourishment and hydration for healthy, radiant hair.

Tip #2: Repairing the Sun’s Scorching Effects! 

Restore the sun-damaged strands with the dynamic duo of Elements Xclusive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. These mighty products work together to replenish proteins, strengthen hair, and bring back its natural luster.

If it’s hydration and repair that your clients need- hook them up with Elements Xclusive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.  This dynamic duo quenches hair’s thirst, leaving it soft, supple, and ready to shine.

Power-Up with Specialized Treatments

Banish split ends and restore vitality with the Elements Xclusive Split End Elixir. This transformative elixir repairs and seals split ends, making hair look fresh and healthy.

Give your clients a color explosion with the captivating IdHAIR Colour Bombs. These color-infusing treatments revitalize sun-faded hair, bringing vibrancy and brilliance back to their locks, while also providing a deep conditioning treatment to repair the hair!

Hair as Bright as the Summer Sun!

As the temperature rises, your clients deserve hair that shines as bright as the summer sun. By following our pro tips and using IdHAIR’s innovative products, they can prevent and solve the challenges of chlorine and sun damage. 

From wetting hair before swimming to using leave-in conditioners like Elements Xclusive 911 Spray, and from demineralizing treatments to repair shampoos like Essentials Deep Clean Shampoo, your clients will have all the tools they need to protect and rejuvenate their hair. Remember, a splash of care goes a long way. Embrace the summer with confidence and let your clients make a splash with healthy, gorgeous hair all season long!

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